What is A Keyword Tool (and why is it important)?

What is a keyword tool and why is it important

Over the years I have been asked many times “What is a keyword tool and why is it important?” The question has invariably been posed by small business owners who have a website but probably don’t understand the power, or significance, of keyword tools. The Internet is a vast encyclopedia of knowledge that throws up … Read more

What’s the Best Keyword Tool For Affiliate Marketing?

What's the best keyword tool?

I’ve written a few posts on affiliate marketing and keywords and as a result have been asked “what’s the best keyword tool for affiliate marketing?” When doing a search for anything on the Internet Google, and other search engines, produce results based on relevance to the search phrase the user has entered. This “search phrase” … Read more

Affiliate Marketing In Zimbabwe (Earn US Dollars)


I want to discuss Affiliate Marketing in Zimbabwe, specifically Internet Affiliate Marketing and how to earn US Dollars, Sterling, all of which are a more internationally acceptable currency than one can earn in Zim. Zimbabwe is my country of birth and the country where I spent the first 22 years of my life; a country … Read more