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  • What’s the Best Keyword Tool For Affiliate Marketing?

    What's the best keyword tool?

    I’ve written a few posts on affiliate marketing and keywords and as a result have been asked “what’s the best keyword tool for affiliate marketing?” When doing a search for anything on the Internet Google, and other search engines, produce results based on relevance to the search phrase the user has entered. This “search phrase” […]

  • Affiliate Marketing – Does it work?

    Affiliate-Marketing -does-it-work?

    Affiliate Marketing does it work?  Yes – absolutely YES! Is the concept of selling someone else’s stuff to people you will never meet in countries you might never visit seems totally foreign and downright impossible to you? If so I am here to tell you that affiliate marketing does indeed work.  Why would vendors initiate […]

  • Affiliate Marketing In Zimbabwe (Earn US Dollars)


    I want to discuss Affiliate Marketing in Zimbabwe, specifically Internet Affiliate Marketing and how to earn US Dollars, Sterling, all of which are a more internationally acceptable currency than one can earn in Zim. Zimbabwe is my country of birth and the country where I spent the first 22 years of my life; a country […]

  • What To Do When You Can’t Find a Job

    What to do when you cant find work - job application forms

    Let’s discuss what to do when you can’t find a job.  . Probably one of the scariest things to face in life is being unemployed and unable to find a job. The bills keep piling up and life continues all around you as you sink deeper and deeper into debt, despair and possibly depression. I […]

  • How Many People Hate Their Job? (Do YOU?)


    Hands up – how many people hate their job and do you? Are you one of the many who goes to work because it is a job but not something you love doing? You’re not alone and the fact that you are on this page is a clear indication that you are looking for an […]

  • Emigrating To New Zealand – (What it’s like)


    I am part of a FaceBook group for South Africans wanting to live in New Zealand and one of the questions constantly asked by potential immigrants is what is emigrating to New Zealand really like? Its a big step to uplift your family and move to another country and wanting to know if you will […]

  • How to Make Money in Retirement


    I learned how to make money in retirement purely by accident, by doing what I was doing in my daily life. One of the things I like doing – a lot – is talking about the things I am passionate about and helping people in areas that I have a bit of knowledge in. There […]

  • Work From Home Jobs in New Zealand


      Prompted by a recent post on home based business opportunities in South Africa (where I lived in a previous life) I thought a similar post for work from home jobs in New Zealand would be a good idea. Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud where we are innovative, can solve any […]

  • How and What To Sell on Amazon


    Amazon is a great place from which to sell any number of products but deciding on how and what to sell on Amazon can be a complex issue. Why is this? With over 5 million existing products there is a lot of competition and if no-one sees the product, because they don’t know it exists, […]

  • Work From Home Jobs in South Africa


      Work from home jobs in Suth Africa abound but are they legal, sustainable and profitable or just pipe dreams and scams? South Africa has unique problems and endless opportunities yet unemployment is as high as 25% – 30%. Is it any wonder that people look forf work from home jobs as an alternative? In […]