How Many People Hate Their Job? (Do YOU?)


Hands-up-if-you-hate-your-jobHands up – how many people hate their job and do you? Are you one of the many who goes to work because it is a job but not something you love doing?

You’re not alone and the fact that you are on this page is a clear indication that you are looking for an alternative way to make a living – right?

You’ll probably be surprised to learn how many people hate their job – more than 85% if you believe the polls!

That’s an astonishing amount of people. Almost 9 out of every 10 people you see and mix with every day are working in a job they hate.

That’s just insane.

Besides being unhappy for 8 – 10 hours per day how can you possibly be your best at something you don’t enjoy?

The 3 Main Reasons People Hate Their Job

Not based on any scientific research or analysis, the following is one man’s view – mine.

Reason #1 – Self-Limiting Beliefs, your truth becomes your reality.

Am here, doing this and still wearing the tee-shirt – hey but I am working on it.

I’m way out of my comfort zone with much of what I do but I am of the opinion “if it can be done then I can do it”.

You’ll never know unless you put in 300% effort (my son-in-law would say there’s no such number 🙂 ).

We have an overpowering ability to get in our own way due to a lack of faith in our own ability.

It permeates our every day life.

“I’ll never be as good/pretty/thin/clever/competent/lucky/good-looking as him/her”.

“I’m just not cut out for success/wealth/happiness” etc.

If you believe it then it is your truth and it will be your reality.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, the Wright Brothers, Colonel Saunders, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey – even the “Kardashes” – were all born with the same opportunities as the rest of us. Thousands of very ordinary people make it to the top

Sure some folks start a little ahead of the pack for the rest of us. So what?  We simply have to try a bit, or maybe a hell of a lot, harder.

It toughens you up and will make you even more determined to succeed and hold on to your success.

Reason #2 – It’s a Job.

Been there, done that – ditched the tee shirt. Bills have to be paid and there is no time to be selective when opportunities are scarce and a million (probably an exaggeration) people are chasing the same vacancy.

Take the job and you can always look for something better later. Before you know it you have been there 5 or 10 years and still hate it.

Congratulations are in order – you’re on the treadmill going round and round and achieving very little.

And now it’s all you know and it’s too late to change.

Good news for you buddy – it’s never too late.

Get up and smell the coffee …

Just yesterday we had a 78-year-old join Wealthy Affiliate to start a brand new venture in his life.

He was so positive and looking forward to having fun and making money simply by sharing his life experiences. Helping people who share his passion for his hobby (I think it was beekeeping).

How awesome is that?

Colonel Saunders, who I mentioned earlier, was 65 when he started his world conquering Kentucky Fried Chicken business, and only after his recipe was rejected by 1000 or more people.

Talk about perseverance and self-belief.

It’s never too late – unless you decide it is.

Reason #3 – Blaming Others

Been there, done that – ditched the tee shirt.

Seriously it’s not you parent’s fault – sure they played a big influence (or not) in your decision-making process but now is the time to put on your big girl panties and take responsibility for your own actions.

Manager or boss annoying you?

You need to know why they are annoying you or holding you back. Is it truly their fault or are you to blame?

Can you do something about it to improve the situation?

Do you want to or not?

Make the decision and act on it. What have you got to lose?

Throw that unhappy and overused security blanket away and do what you love and the money will follow.

Never Regret Something You Didn’t Do

And never let anyone tell you there’s something you can’t do.

How does anyone know what you can and can’t do?

How do you know what you are capable of if you don’t try?

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate and becoming an Internet Affiliate Marketer I had no idea either existed – let alone if I could do it.

When I did find out about it I almost left it alone because somewhere in the recesses of my pathetic little mind a little voice was saying “you don’t know the first thing about building a website“.

My gut was telling me “You could learn that part of it”

and screaming …

THIS IS IT! Do not let this opportunity bypass you.

When your stomach has butterflies – that is the time to pay attention and take the plunge (good flutter) or walk away from it (bad flutter). You will know when you should do something or leave it alone.

On a romantic note …

I was never truly confident with girls at school although I strutted around oozing confidence (I can say this now as I am in my mid-sixties).

When it came to girls though I was extremely cautious (read as lacking in confidence) and had an enormous fear of rejection. What is with this fear of rejection that guys have?

Anyway over the many years I’ve caught up with a few of the girls.

Through conversations on social media discovered that one girl, who I really thought was DDG (drop dead gorgeous) and SI (super intelligent) but WOOML (way out of my league), was very keen on me at school.

Every time I saw her the butterflies would go crazy but I would shush them up!

Opportunity missed – although that has nothing to do with hate your job so I will leave the love stories behind.

The point is if you want to try something then give it a go.

Ask that pretty girl to dance – if she says “no thank-you” you are no worse off than you were before.

Apply for that dream job – the decision of who to hire is not yours to make. – apply to give yourself a shot at getting the job.

You have to be innit to winnit!

What Do You Love Doing – or think you would love to do?

How-many-people-hate-their-job?-do-what-loveSometimes we don’t really know what we would like to do – we just hate the job we are in at this particular moment.

What do you do then?

How do you know if you will like a particular occupation?

It’s a tough one because sometimes the job we think we would like is our perception of what it would be like and not necessarily the reality.

I’ll give you an example using my own likes and dislikes.

I love food – that is to say eating it, always have and always will.

Now as soon as I wrote that I thought “I should have owned a restaurant”.

But is that really me because running a restaurant is not the same as eating food – it’s a lot harder work.

Maybe I would have enjoyed being a chef? Nah – I think Gordon Ramsay put me off that and again it is really hard work.

I’m really more a front of office kind of guy, a social animal that likes people rather than hard work.

So as far as happiness goes serving people food would probably have suited me better – say as a waiter or Maitre d.

Now you might think serving someone won’t bring you wealth. That may initially be the case but if you excel at anything you will rise to the top and you will be sought out.

Ever read the book “Millionaire Next Door”? I highly recommend it – link to Amazon further down.

It’s a study of very ordinary people, living in very ordinary houses, driving very ordinary cars to their very ordinary jobs and how they all became millionaires despite their very ordinary seeming lifestyles.

There are three common attributes shared by all of them:

  1. They believe
  2. They love what they do and excel at it.
  3. They attached zero significance to status and what society thought of them.

There’s a bus driver in there too – a bus driver who doesn’t own the bus and never aspired to owning a bus. He just loved driving people around.

What I Do – that I love but you might not.

I’m an Internet Affiliate Marketer when I’m not out taking photos.

That’s it – I sell other people’s “stuff” to people I will never meet in countries I might never go to.

Let me break that down so it makes more sense.

I Sell Other People’s Stuff

That’s true but it is a bi-product of what I really do. What I really do is talk to people about things I think I know a little about. I try to help people by passing on what I know to them and in so doing they may or may not act on a recommendation I make.

For example, I have a couple of photography websites and just write about photography and the equipment I use. As a result I have had people buy cameras and gear because of what I wrote. I get paid by the vendor for introducing the customer to their website where they make the purchase.

A more practical example for you – right here right now.

I mentioned the book “The Millionaire Next Door” and as you can see this is now in a different colour font.  That is because I have linked the words  so that if you click on the link you land up at

Check it out click on the link in the sentence above.

If you now buy that book I get a 4% commission on the sale as a “thank-you” from Amazon (note it doesn’t cost you anymore than if you went directly to Amazon).

4% of $15.00 is hardly going to pay the rent but you are not the only one reading this.

Over time that link could earn me thousands as it will be here until I decide to take it down or the Internet ceases to be (no doubt that will be long after I cease to be).

On the other hand I may never make a sale, maybe you decide the book doesn’t interest you or you decide to get the book out of your local library.

I’ve lost nothing and might have gained a friend while I have had some fun.


To People I’ll Never Meet

Hey New Friend- please buy the book so I can say I sold someone else’s stuff to someone I will never meet. 🙂

Haha only joking but you get the idea.

I don’t have to meet you to recommend something you may decide to buy.

If you feel my recommendation is sincere and is useful you might decide to take the plunge and spend $15.00 for an excellent read.

If you do (or did) thank-you and Amazon will thank me.

In Countries I May Never Go To.

I have no idea where you are and unless it is one of about 35 countries that I have been to I probably won’t ever get there.

And yet I may walk right past you one day – two strangers who have connected on the Internet but are totally unaware of it.

I love stuff like this!

I love the fact that I am sitting here writing a silly little story about how you hate your job and using this opportunity to encourage you to do something you love, whatever that might be.

You can you know!

Don’t Hate Your Job – Change It

Don’t let your limited self-beliefs kill your dreams.

You can rewrite the program by being yourself.

If you would like to learn more about what I do and meet a whole community of people who once hated their jobs (OK some of them are still in those jobs but taking strides to get out) and are now doing what they love, head over to “My top Recommendation” and see how it all works.

It costs you nothing to look and no credit card details will be needed.

Who know you might one day take up the Super Affiliate Challenge and we could well meet in Las Vegas. Wouldn’t that be something?

Any comments?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

4 responses to “How Many People Hate Their Job? (Do YOU?)”

  1. I am so glad I came across this article. I know what it can be like to hate your job and seemingly be in a rut. I had been for years, I now feel that there is hope to have something better. Thanks for helping me see that.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Thanks for popping by and sharing your thoughts. Amazing to think how many people land up in a rut mainly because they get a job to pay the bills and before you know it – well 10 years has gone by.
      What I love about Internet Affiliate Marketing is that it is so diverse in terms of how you can go about your business. Look at how many thousands of bloggers, YouTubers and the like are making a living from doing what they love.
      The opportunities available today are amazing.
      Thanks once again for stopping by.

  2. Interesting chat. You seem very convincing when you tell me I could do this. You have opened up some cans of worms for folks that are miserable in their jobs. The attitude you have would make anyone want to become an affiliate marketer whether they are happy or miserable in their job. Good deal!

    • Hi Fran – thanks for taking a look at my site and taking time to comment.
      I think a lot of people are limited in their self beliefs through their life experiences. Often parent, or teachers, say certain things cannot be done and if we hear it often enough it becomes our belief hance putting a ceiling on “what we can do:.

      Sure you can do this – you may take to it very quickly or you may be like me and take a little longer. I’m a baby boomer so computers and me were introduced to each other late in life.
      As for jobs … well. 85% of the people out there don’t like what they are doing but stick with it for the pay-check, and that’s okay. But wouldn’t it be far better for them to be doing something they enjoy? They would be happier and for more productive.

      And that is why I think Internet Affiliate marketing is so great as you can choose a niche you are passionate about and make money while helping other people who have the same interests as you.

      All you really need to do is understand the principals and get the right training and tools – exactly the reason why I was ecstatic when I found Wealthy Affiliate University – they taught me everything I need to know using step-by-step training and as a bonus throwing in all the tools I would need. That and a fabulously active and helpful community make it the best place to learn everything you need to know to succeed and to do something you love.

      Thanks once again for your comments

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