Author: Lawrence

  • New Zealand – What Happens After Covid 19

    A Map of New Zealand with the words "What happens after Covid 19" and "RIP' plus the number "22" superimposed over it.

    New Zealand is the envy of the world being the first country to come out of lockdown as of midnight last night, but what happens after Covid 19? We’ve been in various stages of lockdown since the 25th March 2020 until all internal restrictions were lifted at midnight on the 8th June, 2020. The whole […]

  • New Zealand and Covid 19

    New Zealand and Covid 19 what will the impact be on our industries

    In this post I want to speculate about New Zealand and Covid 19 – how we have coped so far and what the future holds for our small country. These last few weeks have got me, and I am sure a lot of people around the world, wondering what will happen after Covid 19. Regardles […]

  • Keywords and Google Ranking (what exactly is Google after?)

    Understanding how Google uses keywords in ranking

    There is so much hype around Keywords and Google ranking and trying to determine what exactly it is Google is after. Despite there being thousands of pages written on the subject we can never be sure of a definitive answer. On the one hand most of these articles are confusing and make ranking with keywords […]

  • Is Affiliate Marketing for Everyone – Is it for you?

    Is Affiliate Marketing for Everyone - is it for you?

    I was recently asked by someone if affiliate marketing is for everyone or a select few. As an internet affiliate marketer I struggle to understand why so many people don’t immediately grasp the potential of affiliate marketing. I don’t mean that to be condescending in any way but to me it seemed an easy and […]

  • Work Online at Home for Free (is anything ever truly FREE?)

    Work Online For Free

    I’m sure you’ve heard it before – “Work Online From Home For Free!” – is anything ever truly free or possible or is the heading just a way to lure you in? In this post I want to introduce you to Internet Affiliate Marketing (IAM) where you can truly work from home for free. But […]

  • The Best Items to Sell Online (and how to find them)

    The Best Items to sell online are established top-sellers

    If you’re into selling products online you can avoid a “hit-and-miss” approach by learning a few techniques to determine which are the best items to sell online – and how to find them. In this post I will explain an easy method to help you establish the best item or products to sell online without […]

  • The Best Way to Sell Online (even better than eBay)

    The Best Way to Sell Online

    Let’s face it eBay is a great way to sell your products online but in this post I want to introduce you to the best way to sell online – yes even better than eBay. Not only is it the best way to sell it’s also the least hassle (but please don’t read that as […]

  • How To Make Money Online From South Africa (or any other country)

    How to make money online from South Africa with Internet affiliate marketing

    Anyone living in South Africa would be interested to know how to make money online from South Africa (or from any other conuntry for that matter). There are so many reasons to look for a stable and sustainable income if you live ina country like South Africa going through the changes it is. If only […]

  • Online Marketing Business Opportunities in South Africa (and the rest of the world)

    Because the Internet plays such a huge part in today’s business and personal world there are literally hundreds of thousands of online marketing business opportunities in South Africa (and the rest of the world). The world is, after all, a small village! As the influence of the Internet on our lives continues to grow exponentially […]

  • What is The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

    What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing - a student learning off the computer

    “What is the best way to learn Affiliate Marketing?” – the million dollar question (with a million dollar answer coincidentally) As someone who is in my twilight years I find it fascinating to watch and read the successes and failures of “wannabe” Affiliate Marketers – most are in too much of a rush and expect […]